Agroejido, S.A. Agroejido, S.A.
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   Our company

  • Farms.
    3.000 acres of land from our farmers.
  • Auction.
    We have three centres for auctions daily, with a surface area of 14.000 m2 with a selling hall and cold room storage.
  • Warehouse.
    We have 1.000 m2 of installations equipted for the calibration and packing of our products. On average there are more than 80 professionals working.
  • Installations.
    Docks for loading and unloading
    Facilities for the handling of the product
    Office for quality control
    Cold storage rooms with fast cooling systems in place
  • Commercial services
    We have sales reps in Spain and delegates in the rest of Europe.
  • Quality control.
    Quality control is done by three teams, each of them handling a specific area of control:
       · Quality control of the goods
       · Quality control of the handling and packing of the product
       · Tracking of logistics
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