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   Our varieties of Peas


Our peas are very well adapted to the area. The shell is long, flat and shiny. Inside the peas are round and green in colour. The length is anywhere from 10 to 14 cm. They are ideal for serving cooked or complimenting various dishes. Regular consumption helps to lower cholesterol levels and regulate sugar in the blood.

Sugar Peas

In regards to quantities and quality, Agroejido is the leader in the area for sugar peas. This is due to the fine water and great sierra lands which our farmers have to their disposal. All of this makes the peas have great consistency and exceptional tone and shine. The shell is soft and flat and the peas are visible from the outside. At the time of preparing them we need to remove the outer strip and cut off both ends. They are very tasty in omelettes or mixed with eggs. These peas are a great source of vitamins and minerals, noting their high concentration of vitamin B1.


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