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   Our variety of Peppers

Agroejido peppers are leaders when it comes to quality and quantities in the area. This is due to the fine water our farmers have to their disposal. The main area of cultivation is in the mountain areas which allow consistent growth, shine and tone to the peppers. Due to the richness of the land and water our peppers are high in pro vitamins like, carotene, vitamin C in three times the quantity compared to citrus. They have a high concentration of vegetable fibre and mineral substances. One hundred grams of peppers carry only 25 calories.

Type Italian

Picked when green or red, its shape is long and has an intense taste. It can be eaten freshly picked or cooked. Its main markets are those in the mediterranean. This pepper is of very good quality in our area.

Type California

Picked when green, red or yellow. Its shape is square and uniform in colour. Its skin is flat, shiny and meaty with three or four bulbs. They can be eaten freshly picked or cooked. Their main markets being the international markets. Due to the high quality of our water and climate the quality is excellent.

Type Clovi

Picked when red, green or yellow and characterised for being a large pepper. Its shape is rectangular and uniform in colour. Its skin is firm and meaty which also allows it to be eaten freshly picked or cooked. This pepper has its main markets in the mediterranean due to its flavour.


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