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   Our varieties of Melons

Agroejido is one of the best companies in the area for melons. The health benefit for consuming melons is there high content of carotene, also, there high content of water which stimulates the kidneys to work more affective.

Melon Galia

Picked when they are at optimum maturity, our galia melons very tasty. Its skin is intense yellow and inside the meat is ripe with an excellent level of sugar. Our variety is long life.

Melon Yellow

Thanks to the climate and the water in the area we produce excellent yellow melons. They are oval in shape with flat skin and yellowish gold colour. The meat is white, firm and has good sugar levels. Our varieties have good meat content once picked.

Melon type Frog Skin

This is a dark melon oval in shape with green streaks going up and down the skin. Its meat is white and firm to the bite and has very good sugar levels. At the time they are picked they have very good meat contents.


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