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   Our Variety of tomatoes

At Agroejido we do not have a large production of tomatoes, however, it is of excellent quality. This is because the area where we cultivate our tomatoes is the best (Area of Nijar) Of the many advantages for consuming tomatoes are its vitamins C and A.
The licopen which is responsible for its colour also has antioxiden properties and helps to prevent various types of cancer.

Tomato on the vine

Hybrid tomatoes presented on the vine, which allows for more freshness. This way of presenting gives the tomato special organic qualities of which we note its flavour and natural aroma.

Tomato Long Conservation

Hybrid tomato with long life, ideal for exporting to far away markets. Characterised for its firmness and consistency, intense red colour, homogeneous and good taste.

Flat tomato

Hybrid tomato relatively flat which is picked when lighter in colour. Characterised for its firm skin, juicy pulp and its ideal level of acid.

Pear tomato

Hybrid tomato shaped like a pear with an intense red colour, firm and consistent. This tomato has a thick wall and a juicy pulp.

Sweet tomato

This is a traditional tomato, represented by the variety RAF. Well known for its extraordinary sweet taste. Paid very highly in selective and demanding markets. It represents the traditional flavour of the beginnings of the agriculture in Almeria.


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